Greenleaves Advertising was established since 1980 and registered as Greenleaves Advertising Limited in 2003. With over 40 years experience in high quality advertising and promotional materials production, Greenleaves is ready for the future and always stands by our clients to meet their needs with expertise both at home and abroad. Greenleaves offers fully integrated promotion resolution, we are all in one.

Professional services including

Design, printing and production


Graphic design, POP design, color separation, offset printing, silkscreen printing, computer sticker cutting, inkjet printing banners, stickers, canvas and flags, vehicle painting etc…
Interior design, floor-planning, construction & decoration for exhibition, outdoor billboard built-up, trade shows and seminar organizing etc…

We are your partner

Greenleaves is composed of a dynamic and energetic group of advertising and production professionals who place a high priority on using experience and creativity to help clients achieve valuable results at the right time in the right place. Greenleaves is here as your reliable partner and your talented friend. 

Competitive advantage

The management team has over 20 years experience in the advertising production field. Most of the workers have more than 10 years experience too.
In the pass 10 years, the company have been granted production contracts by LCSD for Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Lantern Festival event at several venues each year. The company’s capabilities is affiliated and appreciated.
All workers have proper training and possess Green Card.
All machineries are located in Hong Kong enable all production be done in Hong Kong. It allows the company has shorter production period and faster response to emergency.